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Offering the full range of property services, Dimension Interiors will take care of each and every stage of your office refurbishment. From initial designs, plans and specifications, we will guide you on your journey from start to finish, and will remain on hand after completion to answer any questions and take care of any new requirements.

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AV Solutions

As part of a growing industry, Dimension Interiors are fully equipped to deliver sound, vision and communication solutions for a wide range of environments, including corporate, retail, hotel & leisure and residential developments.

We design, install and support to the highest quality standards, using the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Our service is fully inclusive of

  • Consultancy
  • Design Specification
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Cabling and Networking
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Service and Repair Facilities
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Design Essentials

The right design is essential for your new offices, and Dimension Interiors is proud to offer the services of highly experienced, top quality designers. Listening carefully to your initial brief, researching your sector, familiarising themselves with your company ethos, our designers work with you all the way to create the perfect visual impact for your business, reinforcing your brand, inspiring staff harmony and offering a working environment that is both beautiful and practical.

All businesses need a happy workforce, and all businesses strive to achieve the perfect balance of enjoyment and diligence within their staff. Our designers understand how essential your surroundings are to the wellbeing of everyone in the building, and how the right outlook and carefully thought-out planning can influence a contented and motivational workplace.

Our designers work tirelessly to find the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetic appeal, personal stimulation and job satisfaction. Offices are transformed into environments where people feel fulfilled, comfortable, valued and inspired.

Drawing on the results of our extensive workspace investigations, we define exactly what is needed in terms of desk space, working and relaxation areas, and communications equipment. Our initial design concepts take your priorities into account, and are then worked on in collaboration to ensure the correct end result. Staff and client morale, better interaction, technical integration – all of these are considered and examined in order to obtain the most suitable designs. Colours, textures, fittings and furniture are all selected to bring together a cohesive and life-enhancing environment.

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Detailed Programme

We will work together to create a detailed, but simple to follow, plan of action. This will clearly state start and finish dates for every single stage of your project, so that everyone knows exactly what is happening when, and nothing is left to chance.

Project Planner

A detailed programme of works will be supplied by us and agreed by you. This will clearly state start and finish dates for every stage of your project, leaving nothing to chance.

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We are delighted to be able to offer our clients a cost-effective alternative to using cash resources for a project. Many companies are discovering that leasing offers a number of significant benefits, and Dimension Interiors works closely with the UK’s market leader, Plus Finance, to deliver the best financial solutions for your business.

The many benefits of financing your refurbishment project via a leasing company, include:

  • Easier budgeting to suit your cashflow (payments are fixed for the period which can be anything from 2 to 5 years).
  • Flexibility to add to the lease as necessary, should your requirements change during the period of the lease. For example, you can add furniture or other office equipment to the agreement at any time.
  • Preserves existing borrowing power. Other lines of credit from your bank or financial institution remain intact for any further credit needs.
  • Lease payments are 100% tax allowable unlike other forms of finance (such as a bank loan).  This makes leasing the most tax-efficient method of financing.
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Can you use your existing furniture? If not, where will source your new furniture?

At Dimension Interiors, we take the time and trouble to keep up to date with all leading furniture manufacturers and suppliers, as well as keeping an eye out for new innovations and smaller bespoke companies. We have great working relationships with many top brands and are accustomed to negotiating favourable terms for our clients.

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IT Consultancy

Dimension Interiors has a team of IT experts who will liaise directly with your in-house technical team, to ensure that every aspect of your IT requirements are covered. The infrastructure in the new building will be designed to fully support all your needs, and one of the main considerations during the planning period will be to ensure business continuity throughout the refurbishment process.

When preparing your office fit-out brief, it makes sense to consider your IT requirements at the same time – from wireless signals to broadband essentials and simple socket placements. By integrating your communications equipment and cabling into the very first stage of design planning, you will be sure of a practical and user-friendly system, which is also readily accessible for upgrades and maintenance.

We will never compromise the available space, or the final design vision – we will source and install only the most reliable, cost effective and current IT communications equipment, making sure that no unsightly cables are visible. It is proven that with the right technology, productivity and efficiency are boosted, reducing office frustration and generally lifting staff morale.

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Your project is complete, and your company is enjoying life in its new surroundings – but this is not the end of the story. Dimension Interiors believes in an aftercare service that safeguards the future of your building. Long after an office refurbishment or fit out, we continue to offer the same high level of support that you have experienced throughout the project.

Ongoing care

We offer post contract services with a dedicated, flexible and experienced team who will sustain your premises and solve any workplace needs. Easy to contact, and quick to react, we offer solutions, put forward proposals and generally ensure the smooth running of the building.

As your business evolves it’s very likely that your office needs will change too. This is why we believe in having an aftercare team on hand to provide all the ongoing help and support you require. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a sudden crisis, we’ll be there to help.

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Project Management

A dedicated project manager will support you throughout the process – overseeing every aspect of your refurbishment, and ensuring the smoothest possible journey from vision to reality.

Available morning, noon and night, your personal project manager is there to find solutions, make calls, chase suppliers, and generally put your mind at rest throughout the refurbishment process.

So you can rest assured, knowing that your project is always in safe hands, with our experts guiding you to the most satisfactory conclusion – on time, on budget and to the highest standards.

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Relocation Services

If your current building is no longer a viable option, then look no further for relocation advice and support.

Our professional partnerships will be on hand to deliver an efficient and informed service regarding your office relocation, overseeing and simplifying the process, and removing the stress and anxiety from this daunting undertaking.

Relocating offices with a minimum of disruption and unnecessary worry is our aim – no down time to the business operating hours, and a seamless move.

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Space Planning

Whether you are downsizing, expanding or simply changing things around, your office space planning is an integral part of your fit out or refurbishment process. You’ll need a customised plan for your particular business, and our team will offer attractive and functional designs that meet your brief perfectly, improving productivity and creating a space that is both inspiring and practical.

Efficiency, productivity and creativity

Many companies mistakenly believe that they have outgrown their premises, and begin on the difficult, stressful and expensive route of relocation. In our experience, we have often found that they simply needed to call in our expertise to show them how their existing space is perfectly adequate and can be redesigned in order to create an exemplary working environment, even offering room to expand further.

We will begin by looking at how your office space is currently used: how much time is spent in meeting rooms, at desks and in break-out areas. We will study the way your staff interact and which kind of set up best suits your specific environment, including IT and communication requirements.

And most importantly, we will discuss your vision for the future and will work together to find a formula that will turn your wishes into reality. In practical terms, our guidance and advice can encourage teamwork, increase productivity and save you money on unnecessary hardware, unused space and even electricity and heating.

A new, dynamic workspace boosts the morale of your staff, reinvigorating the entire team, and encourages creativity and job satisfaction. Your clients will be reassured by the fresh new look, and your brand will benefit from the company’s individual atmosphere.