Phoenix Business Solutions


Minories, London









Phoenix was founded in London in 2003 as a specialist document management consultancy, working predominantly with law firms, implementing the iManage DMS. Since then, Phoenix has grown significantly and opened offices in Abu Dhabi, Chicago, New York, Frankfurt and Sydney; and have developed their own software to complement the iManage suite. Phoenix have built a reputation on providing world class support and training; and done this in conjunction with bringing innovative applications to the market and delivering high level business and technical consultancy to implement them.

Phoenix has evolved to expand its product portfolio and is able to provide expert advice and implement solutions that enhance our clients’ efficiency. Our product portfolio includes partner products as well as Phoenix-developed software. These include Document & Email Management, Business Process Management, and Office Productivity. We at Phoenix pride ourselves on delivering a premium service that ensures our clients receive the best possible experience.

Marcus Creese, Senior Designer from CID Interiors, said:

When Phoenix contacted Dimension Interiors to help look at the possibilities to create a new environment for them with the additional space they had taken within Ibex house, I knew it would be a great partnership between CID Interiors and Dimension Interiors with the addition of new furniture supplied by TASK.

Phoenix had been based in Ibex House for three years, and needed a complete freshen up with the addition of an extra 185m².

The work was carried out whilst Phoenix went about their day-to-day business with minimum disruption – which in itself is a tribute to John’s team of highly skilled craftsmen. The end result was a fantastic new working area that gave them identifiable zones for the different departments, whilst providing a relaxed and state of the art feeling.