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Sustainable Workplaces

Consideration of environmental issues within your office space is now part and parcel of a sound business practice. Aside from the ethical issues which the majority now endorse and support, the benefits of a well implemented sustainability policy in your office space are numerous.

Reducing your environmental impact

It is undoubtedly more challenging to make an existing building more sustainable but by no means impossible. Making the most positive impact works best when we’re involved from the outset – before you’ve even identified a suitable office relocation or begun to plan refurbishing your current workplace. Building sustainability is really all about future-proofing; it’s an essential part of your workplace strategy and at Dimension Interiors, strategy always comes first. So, how does this work in practice? We’ll explore all the practical sustainability options that are appropriate to your project:

  • Reduce costs and carbon through low energy air-conditioning systems
  • Efficient lighting solutions and the all important controls
  • Sustainably sourced materials to reduce your impact on the environment
  • Maximising ventilation and access to daylight to create a healthy and productive workspace

We’ll look at where your business sits in the energy reporting arena – do you know if you need to report under the forthcoming Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme? Does your property investment strategy mean you are reviewing the impacts of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards? Perhaps you are looking at achieving the environmental ISO standard 14001 and your fit out project is a catalyst to make it happen. If you are already successfully certificated then a sustainable fit out would support continued certification.

To support and demonstrate your business approach to the environment and sustainability we would recommend achieving a sustainable certification.

There are three main options: RICS Ska, the most appropriate for interior fit-out projects; BREEAM, widely viewed as the scheme for larger and whole building projects and LEED, the US based scheme which is similar to BREEAM. Talk to us. We’ll discuss all the legal obligations and the ways you can create a sustainable workplace that benefits your staff, your bottom line and your business growth aspirations.