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John Hall

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As the main founder of Dimension Interiors, John finds himself involved in all aspects of the business. With one simple […]

15/06/16 by

Nick Williams

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As Dimension’s Senior Construction Manager, Nick is not just extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but also has a pragmatic approach to […]

17/06/16 by

Nick Dobinson

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As our M & E Contracts Manager, Nick is responsible for overseeing all the mechanical and electrical works undertaken by […]

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Jeff Eastern

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Jeff has been one of the Site Managers at Dimension Interiors for over twelve years, and he brings a bundle […]

17/06/16 by

Phil Johnson

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As one of Dimension Interiors’ Site Managers, Phil overseas the operations on a day to day basis to make certain […]

17/06/16 by

Tom Moss

Tommo is the youngest and most camera-shy member of the team. Ho constantly strives to prove his worth amongst the […]

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