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About Us

We understand that the main concerns when relocating or refurbishing are cost and convenience. We treat every new project as a unique opportunity to revitalise the company: to provide a wonderful working environment for the staff, a superb showcase for clients and all at an affordable price. We discuss budgets and requirements in the greatest detail, which gives a unique tailor-made solution.

We will deliver total support to you throughout the project and beyond. Any questions, worries, suggestions will be acted upon and resolved to within the very best of our abilities – rest assured we are with you for the duration and Beyond.

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Industry accreditations, professional recognition and corporate commitments to developing our people. We have been awarded places on a number of notable enterprises and can be found on numerous Approved Contractor lists, giving our clients additional confidence in working with us:

ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management

By streamlining our systems, you get better service and value for money. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, you know we have smart systems and processes in place. A copy of our procedures is available on request.

To view our Quality Assurance Policy please click here.

ISO 14001:2004

Environmental Management

We’ll do everything to make your project environmentally sound – both on site and behind the scenes. To be ISO 14001 certified, we voluntarily subject ourselves to a rigorous audit of our environmental management systems every year. That’s how seriously we take sustainability.

To view our Environmental & Sustainability policy click here.

OHSAS 18001:2007

Occupational Health and Safety Management

You can trust us to take the responsibility for your health and safety as seriously as our own. OHSAS is all about managing and minimising risk. It tells you that you and your team are in safe hands.

To view our Health and Safety policy click here.

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Sustainable Workplaces

Consideration of environmental issues within your office space is now part and parcel of a sound business practice. Aside from the ethical issues which the majority now endorse and support, the benefits of a well implemented sustainability policy in your office space are numerous.

Reducing your environmental impact

It is undoubtedly more challenging to make an existing building more sustainable but by no means impossible. Making the most positive impact works best when we’re involved from the outset – before you’ve even identified a suitable office relocation or begun to plan refurbishing your current workplace. Building sustainability is really all about future-proofing; it’s an essential part of your workplace strategy and at Dimension Interiors, strategy always comes first. So, how does this work in practice? We’ll explore all the practical sustainability options that are appropriate to your project:

  • Reduce costs and carbon through low energy air-conditioning systems
  • Efficient lighting solutions and the all important controls
  • Sustainably sourced materials to reduce your impact on the environment
  • Maximising ventilation and access to daylight to create a healthy and productive workspace

We’ll look at where your business sits in the energy reporting arena – do you know if you need to report under the forthcoming Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme? Does your property investment strategy mean you are reviewing the impacts of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards? Perhaps you are looking at achieving the environmental ISO standard 14001 and your fit out project is a catalyst to make it happen. If you are already successfully certificated then a sustainable fit out would support continued certification.

To support and demonstrate your business approach to the environment and sustainability we would recommend achieving a sustainable certification.

There are three main options: RICS Ska, the most appropriate for interior fit-out projects; BREEAM, widely viewed as the scheme for larger and whole building projects and LEED, the US based scheme which is similar to BREEAM. Talk to us. We’ll discuss all the legal obligations and the ways you can create a sustainable workplace that benefits your staff, your bottom line and your business growth aspirations.

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Our Expert Team

With X number of years in the industry between us, Dimension Interiors offers an unparalleled raft of experience, knowledge and contacts. We’ve worked on every stage of office design and construction, in every area, from initial strategy to the very last detail. We offer creativity, understanding and expertise in all areas, inspiring confidence and trust from all of our loyal clients.

John Hall

Managing Director

T: 07967 380 909

As the main founder of Dimension Interiors, John finds himself involved in all aspects of the business. With one simple goal: to create a company which offers a 1-stop shop approach, assisting clients with every aspect of their Workspace Relocation. From the initial client meeting, through the design and specification development process and onto the project build, John will always be there to assist the project team.

Nick Williams

Senior Construction Manager

T: 07957 433 173

As Dimension’s Senior Construction Manager, Nick is not just extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but also has a pragmatic approach to each new project, ensuring that all aspects of the job are carried out to a high specification. Nick uses his expertise across a wide range of skills to allow him to always be one step ahead of the game.

Nick Dobinson

M&E Contracts Manager

T: 07572 662 073

As our M & E Contracts Manager, Nick is responsible for overseeing all the mechanical and electrical works undertaken by Dimension Interiors. With over 26 years of experience, Nick ensures our projects run smoothly and provides an essential service to validate the foundations for every successful project.

Jeff Eastern

Site Manager

T: 07578 140 349

Jeff has been one of the Site Managers at Dimension Interiors for over twelve years, and he brings a bundle of knowledge and experience to the role. He is a great believer in quality, working closely with all contractors to ensure that every aspect of the job is carried out to the highest standard, and therefore keeping a happy site – which always ends up with a project completed on time, on budget and achieving client satisfaction.

Phil Johnson

Site Manager

T: 07446 225 919

As one of Dimension Interiors’ Site Managers, Phil overseas the operations on a day to day basis to make certain that all work undertaken is done safely, on time and to the highest standards. With 40 years experience, Phil has a wide and unique range of experience and expertise on all the required disciplines within a successful project.

Tom Moss

Logistics Manager

T: 07718 495 881

Tommo is the youngest and most camera-shy member of the team. Ho constantly strives to prove his worth amongst the more experienced workers, which makes him a very organised manager in our storage and distribution department. Dimension Interiors can rely on Tommo to ensure that all products are delivered to the right location and on time, and his cheeky nature ensures that all liaisons with colleagues and clients enhances the efficiency of his work.